What Type of Crimes Do Most Juveniles Commit?

October 8, 2019 by No Comments

Many Fairfax juveniles attend school, play sports, obey their parents, and lead seemingly good lives. Other children, however, find themselves on another path in life, one that oftentimes leads to arrests, juvenile detention, and other consequences. What type of crimes are juveniles in Fairfax committing that causes such actions?


Juveniles don’t understand that they are committing a crime when they graffiti someone else’s property or if they otherwise vandalize the property. It is certainly a crime, one that many juveniles in the area face.


A shoplifting charge is something that a juvenile may face if they take items out of a store or take them from another person. It can become a felony charge if the amount of items they take costs over $500. Shoplifting is a popular juvenile crime.


Juvenile Oftentimes face assault charges after fighting. Many juveniles fail to understand why fighting isn’t the best resolution to a problem and it leads to trouble like this. Many Fairfax lawyers can represent a juvenile charged with assault and help them find alternatives to their anger.

Drug Possession

Drugs aren’t only affecting adults in Fairfax. An increasing number of juveniles also face drug possession and drug sales charges. Juveniles who are charged with these crimes may face a variety of intervention options.

Talk to a Lawyer & Get the Legal Representation for Your Juvenile They need

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It is best to hire a lawyer to represent your juvenile if they’re charged with any of the criminal offenses listed above or any other serious offenses that can land them in hot water. Although a lawyer may not be needed for a case like speeding, other charges are riskier and require legal expertise to keep you out of hot water.