The Top Workplace Injuries To Avoid

October 8, 2019 by No Comments

Going to work and providing for your family is the main focus of most Americans.  However, there is a danger that needs to be discussed about a rising problem in the workplace.  Workplace injuries are on the rise and the need for a workers compensation attorney salem oregon seems to be as well.  Before calling an attorney and even before you get injured, look at these common issues and try to avoid them at all costs.

Trips and slips

Tripping over your own two feet can be embarrassing.  Tripping because of a hazard at work can lead to down time, lost wages and even pain and suffering.  When you find yourself on the job slow your pace a little and take your time to look around.  Look for warning signs, hazards and more.  Then when you walk, keep an eye on where you are going.

Muscle strain

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Many jobs have a physical component to them that will play havoc on your muscles.  Running machines, carrying boxes and even standing on your feet all day will result in muscle strain.  As you go through your day taking the time to relax your muscles, reduce your weight and even exercise enough to keep your muscles strong will help reduce muscle strain.

Avoid falling objects

Be careful where you are walking.  In tight quarters or busy warehouses objects can become lose or fall.  When these objects become dislodged, they can fall and hit you.  Make sure that you are wearing a hard hat, safety goggles and protective shoes when in these areas.  A split second can cause an injury so be vigilant.

Inhaling chemicals

Chemicals of all types are in businesses.  These chemicals need to be kept under lock and key and when in use need to be done so in a well-ventilated room.  If you inhale these chemicals you can become sick, have burning eyes and nose and even die.  Chemicals are nothing to play around with.