Putting Traffic Movement Up For Auction

October 8, 2019 by No Comments

This is alarming news. Call them up and you will find that statistics reveal that the human traffic movement is growing stronger by the year. In the last number of years for reasons to do mainly with regional and national conflicts, and outright civil or across the border wars, innocent bystanders have been uprooting their families and been on the run, traveling thousands of miles to safer and more stable environments. As a consequence of all these conflicts, crass levels of corruption and the theft of state resources at unprecedented levels, abject poverty has been the result. A new movement of human auction trafficking has sprung up to counter the evil exploitation of all those in the desperate throes of mass migration.

Human trafficking must be stopped forthwith!

The trafficking of humans, women and children mostly, must be stopped as a matter of urgency! And what about the men? Well, there is this too, and it should be stopped as well. You can call it by other name you choose but slavery needs to be rooted out as well. There is another form of human trafficking that is not always making the news. Perhaps it is just too gruesome to mention. Never mind the trafficking of animals and its various parts for medicinal and aphrodisiacal purposes that really do not exist, they are doing it to humans as well. Mostly to small, innocent children. This is horrible!

human auction trafficking

Believe it, it is happening in different parts of the world, never mind exactly where for now. Right now, try and become part of the solution by joining the global movement of human auction trafficking. It will help save lives and put food on the table. 

And what about all the perpetrators of these vile acts? Another story for another day.